Rock / Soul / Broadway

Hottest New Trio to Hit the High Seas

A new concept.  Something for everyone in one show.

BBE Marquis photo 2_THIS ONE.jpg

BBE is a show that takes you through the evolution of Boy Bands, singing through time and genre in one seamless experience. Boy Bands have shaped the way of pop music for years. From the Barbershop Quartet to world wide phenomenon NSYNC, this show combines timeless classics and contemporary music, truly providing something for everyone. With songs from the group labeled as the first original Boy Band, The Monkeys, to The Beatles, Simon Cowell’s IL DIVO, and One Direction, this merging of old and new creates a special moment in music review history. Integrating smooth choreography, tight and colorful 4 part harmony, one of a kind arrangements, as well as a cast with multiple coveted Broadway, TV and recording credits. BBE is an exciting journey through the evolution of Boy Bands, one memory at a time.